Being John Malkovich on Reddit Social Media

Being John Malkovich – on Reddit

Reddit, currently the most popular social book marking site often lends itself to more than just the sharing of interesting content. In fact, on occasion it flirts dangerously close with one of the original forms of digital social media – the forum.

Organised in to many a subreddit (areas of interest), Reddit is a place where users can create, share, curate and comment on niche interests ranging from cars to lego, from weddings to social media. The communities are self moderated and each group has nuances and rules about how they’re to be used. Spammy attempts at social traffic boosting are rife but very quickly shut down by the community.

Recently, John Malkovich has gotten involved. While not the first notable celebrity with cult status to dive on in, Malkovich has had huge response. One of the subreddits on the Reddit site is a area called “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) an introductory like section of the service where users can describe themselves and answer questions fronted by other user. For some a terifying step when taking in to account the devilish internet troll.

John Malkovich Reddit AMA intro

Malkovich’s post entitled ‘I am actor / director John Malkovich – AMA!’. This complete with photographic proof of the actor holding up a sign acknowledging the activity. It all went live a little over 24 hours ago and has already racked up thousands of comments (6k at time of writing), 27,000 up votes and 24,000 down votes. Huge interaction by any standards.

Some of the comments and responses from Malkovich are verging on the hilarious. Some ask for advice and some are just looking for celebrity response – famous through association. It is well worth a peruse.

Responses to John Malkovich on Reddit


For me, hilarity aside, Malkovich’s entrance into the world of social comment is interesting in that it is unforced. There is no (apparent) ulterior motive beyond that of  interest, interaction and possibly social notoriety and I think that is important for the overall perception of John Malkovich. He is a cult figure and like Samuel L. Jackson he’s interacted in a way they the Reddit communities have responded well to. Kudos.

What would you have asked him?