Ken Block in Russia with Go Pro

Ken Block, a Go-Pro Hd and a Russian ski resort, what’s not to love?

Personally, it’s long been a dream of mine to be let lose on a ski resort with a rally car. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that one is going to elude me for some time, if not for  life.

Ken Block, famous for many an outlandish rally car stunt and co-founder of DC Shoes has been at it again. In this video, a Go Pro ad, Ken’s antics show the versatility and ruggedness of the tiny cameras. Even though the some of the cameras seems to catch the brunt of the day out.

Each video is high in social “sharability”. Each having masses of the that “cool factor” just by being associated with the Ken Block brand. Ken’s video are known for their adrenaline fuelled pace but also the ingenius use of photography – something capitalised on here by Go-Pro – and also their ability to go viral. At the time of posting (5 days after it went live), the video has already passed the 750k viewer mark.

  • Quirx90

    At this point that thing is more camera than car

    • MattIsBuffalo

      There’s still car in it… I can feel it.

  • codytownshend

    I wonder how much more they spent going out of their way to film all of the cameras.

  • MattIsBuffalo

    I wish that were my job.

  • stakoverflow

    Jesus fucking christ cameras. Those are what, $400 each? And there’s like thirty of them on the car alone.

    I’ve been considering buying one, because my dashboard mount for my phone sucks. And also it’s a phone. But I’m having a tough time justifying the costs….

    • xcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxc

      If it’s not for making films, but for insurance stuff I think you can do better than a gopro. Battery and cost is more important than 1080p60fps filming.

      • stakoverflow

        Naw, it would primarily be for filming. When i have a little spare cash I want to start taking my Z to some race tracks. Also there’s tons of awesome windy back roads near where I live that I’d like to film.

        Also my roommate has a bachelor’s in video/aduio & digital rights, so maybe I could get him to split the cost since he’d love a camera!

        • xcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxcxc

          Look up the Contour cameras. They’re a bit cheaper and not far from the GoPro.

          • stakoverflow

            Hmm, not bad– it’s a little cheaper. I found some GoPro’s for cheap on eBay… I don’t know enough about video to really ‘decipher’ the quality difference though.

            Oh well, I wouldn’t buy it any time soon anyways. Might be moving, still want to get new wheels first, then brakes, lights… bah. Expensive!!

          • Sequenc3

            Ill give some insight here. I have the contour roam and my step dad has a Go Pro Hero 3.

            I use the contour as a helmet cam for air soft and it’s perfect. The mount isn’t amazing though if you’re going to do some really hard stuff like cars.

            We mounted the hero to our mustangs and thrashed around all day no problem, the mount is that solid. I would never consider that with my camera.

            They both have really wide FOV and they both shoot 1080p (the GoPro does even higher) I love my camera and I would buy it again, I’d buy a GoPro for its uses.

          • stakoverflo

            Thanks for the insight!

            I’m not 100% sure how I’ll mount it when I get to the track. Dashboard? Helmet? Outside the car? So I have no idea which I’ll end up going with. Do you need to buy all sorts of different mounts for the Contour like you would with the GoPro?

          • Sequenc3

            You can pretty much buy all the same mounts for each camera. If you’re going to use it outside the car at all I would just get the Go Pro. We aren’t afraid to stick it on and go 140, even at the cost. I’d never do that with mine. It’s never fallen off a mount but there’s a noticeable difference.

          • stakoverflo

            Yea? Thanks for your input again, really appreciate it!

          • Sequenc3

            No problem. Enjoy! We have lots of fun with ours. :)

  • Silli-Jizzm

    A cool idea ruined by intrusive editing.

  • amcdon

    This is one of the most annoying videos I’ve watched in a while.

    • Rich Wood

      Yeah, I know what you mean. There’s loads of bits in the film where it would have been good for them to just let it play rather than the over editing to show off the camera.

      • amcdon

        Exactly, I wanted to see his driving and hear the car haha.

      • jonny_88

        Let’s just hope the next gymkhana isn’t like this.

  • DeadCannon

    Ken Block

  • iflyaeroplanes

    I remember when he made cool videos about cars. That was just a Go-Pro commercial.

  • 100octane

    Go-Pros, Go-Pros EVERYWHERE

  • Mulsanne

    What’s not to love is that this man is the leading influence on young gear heads and the sorts of things he promotes are just not very cool in the full context of the world of motorsport.

    It’s not doing anything to help create a younger generation of fans who are into (IMO) cool motorsport. It’s creating a younger generation of fans that say things like “hooning” and love things like drifting.

    Basically he steers people to the least cool, most flashy, least useful, least impressive areas of motorsport and that’s now the development I’d like to see in the next generation of American sports fans. As someone who loves Formula 1, Le Mans, and WRC, it’s just not a good direction. It’s all style and no substance.

    • Rich Wood

      I think there are elements of what he does that could easily entice kids in to WRC. Perhaps the films are a good way to introduce kids to the allure of motor sport before moving them on to more advanced, more refined examples such as F1.

      • boxerej22

        He’s not half as good as people think he is either. Here’s a screencap that /r/Subaru had a while back of him getting boned at Snodrift

        He came in 4th overall, but he was beaten by 2 non-pros with a tenth his budget, if that

        • Mulsanne

          Yeah, that too.

          I only had to watch his foray into WRC to prove that.

          That’s another element of my minor ire for Ken Block. Kids idolize him instead of idolizing the guys who are actually fast and precise. If kids want to idolize someone who is fast and sideways, how about Sebastian Fucking Loeb. I hate the guy because he made WRC boring for so long but holy shit what a master.

          Also — these kids should get off my lawn!

          • boxerej22

            I always like the “rally enthusiasts” who idolize Ken Block, but go “who?” if I mention Colin McRae

          • Rich Wood

            Who’s Colin McRae…? Just kidding.